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FOYEGA LAW OFFICE LLC located in Laurel, Maryland is devoted exclusively to Immigration and Nationality Matters.

Our Law office focuses solely on immigration matters; we provide effective advice, assistance and representation needed by our clients to secure non-immigrant visas for temporary stay in the United States of America and also to those who want to apply for immigrant visas to obtain their Green Cards for lawful permanent residence.

We assist clients who are applying for Citizenship and those seeking relief from removal through Cancellation of Removal, Asylum and relief under UN's Convention Against Torture (CAT).

We offer client specific immigration assistance to clients within the United States, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world and is able to assist those who have any immigration issue with any U.S. Consulate.

Our Mission is to ensure that those who want to lawfully reside in the U.S. temporarily or permanently are able to do so, and so we are devoted to competently providing our clients with the most effective and efficient immigration services available.

If you plan to live and work in the United States whether temporarily or permanently, consulting with an experienced Immigration Attorney is a good decision.

For advice on your Immigration Matters, get started today by scheduling a Consultation with our office.

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