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Immigration Practice Areas

We will assist you in the best way possible to secure a temporary non-immigrant visa, permanent immigrant visa or to provide other specific solutions to enable you obtain lawful residency.

We assist our clients in obtaining Non-Immigrant Visas such as the following:

B1/B2 - Visitors/Tourist visas

E1 -Treaty Traders, E2 - Treaty Investors

F1 - Academic Student

Employment Visas:

HIB - Specialty Occupation

H2A - Agricultural labor

H2B - Other Temporary Labor

H3 - Trainee

Other Visas:

I - Representative of Foreign Media

J - Exchange Visitor

L - Intra - company Transferee

M - Vocational Student

O-1, O-2 - Extra-ordinary Ability

P-1, P-2, P-3, Athletes and Group Entertainer

Q - Life Cultural Exchange Program

R - Religious Vocation/Profession

TN - Trade NAFTA

We help to secure Immigrant Visas such as:

Family Based Visas:

For Immediate Relatives - Spouses/Children/Parents of US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents

K1 - Fiance, K 3 - Children of K1

Employed Based:

EB1 - Person of Extra -Ordinary - Professors, Researches, Multi-National Executives

EB2 -Members of Professions holding Advanced Degrees or Aliens of exceptional ability

EB3 -Skilled Workers

EB5 - Employment Creation Investors

We also assist our clients with the following:

Applications for Citizenship.

Applications for Lawful Permanent Residence

Applications for Residency for Battered Spouses, Children & Parents under Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Deportation Defence - Cancellation of removal, Withholding of removal, Asylum, Relief under UN's Convention Against Torture (CAT)

Representation of Clients through any immigration process; adjustment of status and consular processing.

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